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Gambling with the State's Fiscal Future: Can Alaskans Afford the Odds? Forum tomorrow at the Dena'ina Center


LogoWednesday, October 26
Dena'ina Center, 12-1pm
FORUM: Members Free, Guest $30

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Click to EditClick to EditAlaska's Fiscal Future must be planned through a partnership with the Legislature, Governor, and civic organizations. A forward looking fiscal policy is too often trumped by talk of gambling away our resources. Commonwealth North and Alaska's public policy leaders have been working for years to define a vision for Alaska's fiscal future - but you need to be a part of the discussion. What will it take in financial and human resources - given the impact of declining oil production on state revenues and the time required to First Gas - to get us where we want to go?

On Wednesday, October 26 from 12-1 at the Dena'ina Center, Commonwealth North will host Representative Fairclough, Chair of the House Special Committee on Fiscal Policy and House Finance Committee member, who will speak to what the Legislature is doing in Juneau to chart a course that will provide long-term financial security for both the public and private sectors. She will address the state's fiscal future - her vision, her critical issues, and her opinions on what the state should do now and in the future. Cheryl Frasca, Director of the Municipality of Anchorage Office of Management and Budget and Co-chair of the CWN Fiscal Policy Action Coalition, will also be presenting Commonwealth North's State Fiscal Policy recommendations and underlining the need to develop a long range fiscal strategy for Alaska.

Alaska's economy is at a crossroads. Nearly 90% of the state's revenues come from oil production that is declining every year. At the same time, in recent years state spending has increased dramatically. The health of Alaska's economy rests on the stability of the state's finances. Alaska needs a comprehensive fiscal strategy that looks into the future so that strategic decisions can be made today.

CWN 2007 Fiscal Report: At A Crossroad: The Permanent Fund, Alaskans and Alaska's Future

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