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Contingency operation site in state believed to be first of its kind


Media invited to Thursday tour of facility in Fairbanks


Showcasing its commitment to Alaskans and readiness during Emergency Preparedness Month, First National Bank Alaska proudly announces the in-state location and online functionality of its contingency operation site in Fairbanks.


For the past 16 years, First National had an arrangement with an Outside third-party provider to host the bank’s backup mainframe.

First National’s Board of Directors will tour the facility Thursday, Sept. 29 at 11:30 a.m. The media is invited to attend and learn more about the site’s importance to First National’s Alaska customers.

If there were a catastrophe that affected the mainframe in Anchorage, the bank would be able to respond by switching to the backup mainframe in Fairbanks. That mainframe contains up-to-date copies of production data and would allow for business operations to continue uninterrupted and quick restoration of other services

“Our customers could get to traditional banking services,” said Chuck Hodges, First National’s Enterprise Systems Manager. “The completion of the project here in Alaska demonstrates the bank’s commitment to its customers and its diligence in ensuring continued banking operations during a crisis situation.”

Hodges said he believes First National is the first and only Alaska bank to house its contingency operation site in state.

“Alaska’s vast geography works to our advantage as well,” Hodges said. “It’s unlikely a single disaster would affect both the mainframe in Anchorage and contingency site in Fairbanks.”

The contingency operation site’s Fairbanks location is cost effective for First National and ensures Alaskans will have access to banking services in the event of a disaster. In the process of getting the site up and running, the bank also invested $800,000 in the local economy by working with Fairbanks-area designers and contractors.

Established in 1922, First National is Alaska’s largest Alaskan-owned and operated bank, with ATMs and 30 branches in 18 communities throughout Alaska. More information about First National is available at FNBAlaska.com.

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