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ConocoPhillips Beluga Unit Approved for Voluntary Protection Program


JUNEAU, Alaska—Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner Click Bishop approved ConocoPhillips Beluga Unit for the Alaska Occupational Safety and Health Voluntary Protection Program at the “Star” level to signify a tremendous achievement in occupational safety and health.
The VPP recognizes and promotes effective workplace safety and health management through a cooperative program between a company’s management, employees and AKOSH.

As a VPP Star recipient ConocoPhillips Beluga Unit won’t be subject to random enforcement inspections for five years. Enforcement regulations remain in effect, however, and cases of employee complaints, accident investigations or other significant incidents will result in an enforcement inspection. Participation in the program is voluntary.

“My congratulations to our Beluga Operations for their recertification as a VPP Star site,” said ConocoPhillips Vice President of Commercial Assets Bijan Agarwal. “Being a VPP Star site directly aligns with our ConocoPhillips core safety values and our ultimate goal of attaining an ‘Incident-Free Culture.’ The Beluga River asset is truly a premier site for protecting worker safety and health.”

There are 16 sites in Alaska with the AKOSH VPP designation. For a complete listing of the sites and more information about the program, visit VPP online at Labor.Alaska.Gov/lss/vpp-participants.html.

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