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Anchorage School Board approves upper limit for FY2012-13 budget


At the Monday, October 24  meeting, the Anchorage School Board approved an operating budget upper limit of  $723 million for the Anchorage School District's fiscal year 2012-13. This  includes a $9.5 million decrease in expenses as compared to this year's budget.  It leaves a $20 million gap of currently projected expenses to revenues.

In creating the budget  projections, the district assumed that there will be no funding increases from  either the Municipality of Anchorage or the State of Alaska.

District administration will develop  a proposed budget over the next few months, using the value-based budgeting  process that was begun last year, and will present a balanced budget to the  board in January.

Those wishing to provide input on the  district budget can submit a comment on the district website at

Additional  opportunities for feedback will be announced as they become available.

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