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Alaskans Mostly Spending Their PFDs


Roughly twice as many Alaskan’s say that they going to spend all of their PFDs this year rather than
save all it according to supplemental questions to Northern Economics’ quarterly Alaska Consumer
Confidence Index survey. Roughly 40 percent of respondents said that they would spend all of their
PFD compared to 20 percent who said they would save all of it.  When respondents who said that
would both spend and save were thrown into the mix spenders beat out savers 53 percent to 40

Table 1. What do you plan to do with your PFD this year?
Spending Compared to Last Year Percent Responding
Save It All 203
Save Most, Spend Some 20.1
Spend Most, Save Some 13.3
Spend It All 40.0
Not Sure 6.2

A second supplemental question asked respondents who indicated they would be spending at least
some of their PFDs whether they would be paying bills or engaging in new spending.  The group who
said they would be paying bills outnumbered the new spending group by more than 2-to-1.
Table 2. If you plan to spend at least some will you be spending on new purchases or paying bills?

Planned to Spend Percent Responding
New Purchases 28.2
Paying Bills 69.3
Not Sure 2.5

The data supporting Northern Economics’ Alaska Consumer Confidence Index are generated via The
Alaska Survey, a joint venture between Ivan Moore Research and Northwest Strategies. This quarterly
statewide survey of more than 750 Alaskans is the first regularly conducted survey in Alaska to include
a substantial sub-sample of respondents who only use cell phones. 

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