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Alaska World Trade Center News


Dear Members and Friends of the Center:

For the past decade, the headline story for Alaska's international trade economy has been the rapid, unprecedented, growth in exports from our state to China. And, what decade it has been! From $103 million in 2000, Alaskan exports to the Middle Kingdom reached $923 million in 2010, an all-time record. If this growth trajectory continues apace, China will become Alaska's number-one trading partner within the next two years.

The relationship between Alaska and China is evolving and expanding, and, it is our view, that not only will China be a major buyer of Alaskan exports, but will also seek to participate in the development of natural resource projects as an investor/partner.

World Trade Center Alaska (WTCAK) has made China a major area of focus of our work. If you would like to learn more about business opportunities in China, you will want to attend our 7th Annual Alaska-Business Conference next month. You should also consider participating in our 3rd Alaska Trade Mission to China taking place in early December. Information about both activities are noted below.

Alaska's China Era is unfolding; Contact us if you would like to explore the opportunities.

Best Regards,

Greg Wolf
Executive Director, WTCAK
Consultant, U.S. Dept. of Commerce

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