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Alaska Governor Sean Parnell Named Chair of Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission


October 17, 2011, Buffalo, New York - Governor Sean Parnell today assumed the chairmanship of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC). The organization represents 30 oil-and-gas-producing states. The IOGCC also has several international members, including Canadian provinces. Governor Parnell takes over from Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma.

As chairman, Governor Parnell will set the direction for the IOGCC and provide a leading voice for domestic oil and gas production while ensuring the protection of the environment. Several other Alaska governors have served terms as chair, including Governors Steve Cowper, Tony Knowles, Frank Murkowski, and Sarah Palin.

Governor Parnell delivered the keynote speech at the IOGCC's 2011 annual meeting in Buffalo, New York. He discussed the challenges to new energy production and called upon the states to work together and help make the case that increasing energy production at home makes sense.

"Many thoughtful Americans are deeply troubled at what is now almost a $15 trillion federal debt," Governor Parnell said. "We are concerned about the future of our republic. And yet, the solution is right in front of us. We can regain our economic footing through producing more American energy. To boil it down to one simple truth: More American oil and gas production means jobs. And jobs translate into stable communities, vibrant states, and a strong nation."

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