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The Best Wine for the Happiest Holidays


Weeks ago, I was so ready - totally stocked and loaded - for Halloween.  But here I am racing to the store.  Trick or Treaters haven't even donned their costumes yet. It's all because I overdid the "taste-testing" on the kids' stash of candy. 

This has happened  before...  One year we avoided the temptation by passing out quarters.  Needless to say, our house wasn't the most popular stop on the block.

Since I'm on a sugar high, I can't wait until after Halloween, much less Thanksgiving, to share a few stress-relieving ideas for fantastic Holiday gifts.

Here are six reasons why Hooker, Duck Shack and Three Coins gift boxes should top your Holiday gift list this year! 

#1 Our wines have earned an average of 3.85 Gold, Double Gold and/or Best in Class medals each. TIP: The 2005 Hooker "Home Pitch" Syrah has FIVE Gold Medals and the wine is even better now than when it was rated (due to time in the bottle).

#2 Considering the numerous Gold, Double Gold and/or Best in Class medals, the price is a bargain!  Like we always say, "Good taste costs no more."

#3 The wines arrive in fabulous gift boxes. No need to gift wrap!

#4 The gift boxes ship direct to your doorstep. No need to fight traffic and crowds during the busy Holiday season.

#5 Technical sheets can be downloaded and printed from www.LawerFamilyWineShop.com.  You'll look and sound like a real wine connoisseur when you talk about your wine gift.

Best of all, #6 You'll be the most popular friend, brother, sister, wife, husband, aunt, uncle or neighbor this holiday season.  Because when the wines are poured, the recipients will also have the tech sheets in hand and can pontificate like a real sommelier...and they'll have you to thank for the wine, wisdom and wonderful time!

Order The Three Coins Gift BoxDuck Shack Gift Box
Order the Duck Shack Gift BoxHooker Gift Box
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David and Betsy Lawer
Lawer Family Wines

P.S. Or, be wildly popular this Holiday Season! Send a case of wine and get our Winery Direct Pricing at www.LawerFamilyWineShop.com.
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