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StateNewslines for iPhone Updates


Hello StateNewslines readers,

After taking in all of your feedback, we've made a whole bunch of updates to our 51 free StateNewslines iPhone apps. We think you're going to love the new versions.

Download the latest version of your state's app in the iTunes store

You can also find the StateNewslines app for your state in iTunes by searching for the state name and "newsline." Example: Search "NY newsline" to find the NY app.

Latest Release for StateNewslines
for iPhone

Here is what's in the newest versions of the apps:
  • iOS 4 Tested/Updated
  • Registration now optional
  • Added MyNews - view your personalized news page created on StateNewslines.com (requires a free StateNewslines account)
  • Added landscape view
  • Added Mobilizer viewing option, see options to activate and select font size
  • Retina display updates
  • Enabled multitasking
Registration no longer required

That's right-- now you can read the news quickly without having to fumble around with a login screen!

You may still create a free account on the app if you like, for purposes of enhanced browsing and creation of a MyNews page on the desktop StateNewslines.com site.

MyNews personalized page now available on the app

If you have set up a MyNews page on the desktop StateNewslines website, you will now be able to access it through the app. MyNews allows you to create a customized page with only the headlines from the publications of your choosing. Note that the MyNews feature does require a free account.

The MyNews page can be found at the top on the app home screen.

New Mobilizer option makes reading articles easier

Mobilizer makes the articles that you choose to read appear in a clean, iPhone-friendly format. You can enable the Mobilizer view in settings.

Simply touch the small 'gears' icon found in the lower right-hand corner of the app on the home screen to access options. From there you can turn on Mobilizer and select the text size.

Touch the gears icon for settings
Touch the gears icon for settings

Turn on Mobilizer view in your options
Turn on Mobilizer

Mobilizer renders articles on websites in an easy-to-read format!
Articles are now easier to read!

iOS4 updates and landscape view

All StateNewslines apps include iOS4 retina display updates for a visually improved interface. The app also has multi-tasking support and can be viewed in landscape orientation by turning the phone sideways.

Visit the StateNewslines page in the iTunes store to download the app for your state. You can also find the app for your state by searching on iTunes for your state's name and "newsline."

We hope you like the updates, and we'd love to hear even more feedback. Drop us a message on our help page and let us know what's on your mind. You can also talk to us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/statenewslines or on Twitter at http://twitter.com/statenewslines.

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