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Sears Hearing Aid Center of Anchorage Marks American Diabetes Month with Call to Action


Hearing solutions provider has joined the American Diabetes Association as
a National Strategic Partner to highlight link between diabetes and
hearing loss

Anchorage, AK (Grassroots Newswire) October 21, 2010 - November is
American Diabetes Month and Sears Hearing Aid Center of Anchorage is
joining in a nationwide call to action to involve individuals and
organizations in the movement to Stop Diabetes®. Over the next several
months, Sears Hearing Aid Center of Anchorage will sponsor the American
Diabetes Association’s educational and fundraising events such as walks,
bike tours and Association consumer EXPO events. This national strategic
partnership will help emphasize the urgency of reducing the devastating
impact – including hearing loss – of diabetes.

Today, nearly 24 million U.S. children and adults – nearly 8% of the
population – have diabetes, and another 57 million individuals have
prediabetes. If current trends continue, one out of every three American
children born today will face a future with diabetes. For some high-risk
populations, the risk is one in two. According to the American Diabetes
Association, diabetes is a growing epidemic and is taking a devastating
physical, emotional and financial toll on our country.

"Simple 'awareness' is not enough to change these statistics," says Jim
Staengel, owner of Sears Hearing Aid Center of Anchorage. "What we need
now is action. Individuals need to make the lifestyle, diet and exercise
changes that can help prevent Type 2 diabetes; and we need increased
education and outreach about symptoms that can help people seek early
treatment before serious complications develop."

Stop Diabetes is the movement to end the devastating toll that diabetes
takes on the lives of millions of individuals and families across our
nation. It will inspire and mobilize millions to take up the fight
against diabetes.

Miracle-Ear is the first company in the hearing care industry to join the
Association as a national strategic partner. Miracle-Ear will support the
Stop Diabetes movement in order to shine a spotlight on the
hearing-related risks of diabetes, as well as the Association's education,
prevention and treatment initiatives.

"Diabetes doubles your risk of developing a hearing loss," Staengel
states. "Early diagnosis and treatment are critical in helping to minimize
complications, including hearing loss. Since people with Type 2 diabetes
frequently do not display any symptoms, hearing loss may be the first
indicator that there may be a problem."

To focus attention on diabetes and its link to hearing loss, throughout
the month of November, all 1,200+ Miracle-Ear locations nationwide,
including Sears Hearing Aid Center of Anchorage, will donate $5 toward the
Stop Diabetes movement for each Free Hearing Test they conduct – up to a
maximum of $50,000. The test measures speech recognition in noise along
with loudness discomfort levels; its purpose is to measure the degree of
any possible hearing impairment.

"We hope that our involvement with the Stop Diabetes movement will inspire
individuals to take meaningful action to Stop Diabetes," said Staengel.
The Stop Diabetes movement identifies four primary options that everyone
can take: Share your story to inspire others; Act by volunteering and
raising funds in your community; Learn the facts about diabetes
management, nutrition, lifestyle and prevention; and Give your time and
your talents, along with your financial support, to support education,
outreach, advocacy and critical research for a cure.

For more information on Sears Hearing Aid Center of Anchorage, please
contact Jim Staengel at (907) 274-7700.

About Miracle-Ear
A trusted resource for hearing solutions for over 60 years, Miracle-Ear
uses state-of-the-art technology to remove the barriers of hearing loss.
The Plymouth, Minn.-based company specializes in customizable hearing
solutions that feature discreet, comfortable products designed to meet
each individual's hearing loss needs. Free hearing tests and consultations
are available at all of the company's 1,200 locations across the U.S.,
many of which are in Sears stores. Franchise opportunities are available
for those interested in running their own Miracle-Ear business with the
support of a nationwide industry leader.
For more information, visit www.miracle-ear.com.
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