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Scott on the move, Miller & Murkowski on the attack


You may have seen the barrage of ads from both Lisa and Joe attacking Scott.  Why are they so worried? Both of them have spent over $1 million trying to convince us that "Scott can't win."

But we think they're scared.  They see what we see.  Scott is moving up in the polls and they know it. As reported by the Daily Kos today, there is important movement occurring in targeted areas:

  • Anchorage women: 30% Miller | 28% Murkowski | 26% McAdams.
    Last week it was 31% Miller | 36% Murkowski | 23% McAdams.
    Murkowski is losing support from women and Scott is gaining.
  • Undecided Voters are now up to 13%.
    Last week they were at 6%.This never happens!
    As Election Day nears, undecideds normally go DOWN. This means people are changing their minds.
  • Also, 53% of the undecided voters are in Anchorage.
The tide is changing so Miller and Murkowski have gone on the attack! Now, more than ever, we need your help to push back against these attacks!

We're making thousands of phone calls all over Alaska every night to get these undecided voters.

This race picks up more momentum every single day. As Rachel Maddow said during her visit here this week: "people are fired up."

Miller and Murkowski know this too, and now they're attacking.

Paid for by Scott McAdams for US Senate | PO Box 200569, Anchorage, AK 99520

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