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From Dave Harbour, Publisher, Northern Gas Pipelines
Northern Gas Pipelines
At several events last week, readers chided me, "Why haven't you sent out any email alerts recently?" 

I explained that our unique goal is to interrupt the days of our readers only for highly important matters--not to say everyday, "Look at my web page and give me more 'hits'!"   Yes, there is a good deal of Northern Gas Pipeline (NGP) related activity occuring DAILY in the U.S. and Canada--but in the last week or so nothing has risen to the level justifying an email alert.

Since we have covered NGP activity more thoroughly than anyone for a decade, we hope you'll join the many who make us their 'home page'.  That way, whether an email alert is justified or not, you'll have ready access to the daily pulse of northern gas pipeline related activity, our reports and our editorials.

Meanwhile, here's a recap:
  • Today's report: Governor Sean Parnell and AG Dan Sullivan seek oil tax improvements; TransCanada faces Nebraska Keystone Pipeline challenge; Cook Inlet Regional Corp. CEO Margie Brown offers consumers a wind power option; US enviros invade Oil Sands; Steve Porter opines on gas pipeline economics.
  • Last week: Greta Van Susteren (NGP Photo-above) visited Alaska issues; Chevron to pull up stakes in Southcentral Alaska and Congressman Don Young wants $30 billion gas pipeline loan guarantee; Mackenzie Valley review panel balks as police pursue pipeline bomber's DNA trail.
So, you see, we're still here and very grateful for your interest in our service.   


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"Miss A Day and Miss A Lot!"

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