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Petersburg Vessel Owners, Cordova District Fishermen United Endorse Lisa Murkowski for U.S. Senate


Anchorage, AK - Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) today welcomed the endorsement of two more fishery groups, the Petersburg Vessel Owners Association and of the Cordova District Fishermen United, which both have decided to support Lisa Murkowski’s write-in campaign for U.S. Senate.

“These endorsements confirm that the state’s seafood industry understands that I am truly the candidate that can best represent the state’s coastal communities and protect the state’s seafood resources in the future,” said Senator Lisa Murkowski. “A sustainable fishing industry provides good jobs for Alaskan communities for generations and protecting this valuable resource is one of my top priorities as your Senator.”

The Petersburg Vessel Owners Association (PVOA), a diverse group of commercial fishing families that participate in fisheries throughout the State, said they have found Senator Murkowski, “to be extremely knowledgeable, accessible, and a tireless advocate for the protection and stability of Alaska’s commercial fishing businesses. In her time as Senator for Alaska, Murkowski has quickly gained seniority and has established herself as an effective representative for the state,” said the association.

“As a long-time member of Vessel Owners, I am delighted to have the opportunity to support Lisa Murkowski to continue her work as a U.S. Senator for the StateReflecting back on the last eight years, I appreciate most having a true Alaskan who understands the issues of the whole State and is willing to come to our office and listen to our concerns. She’s been a conscientious and intelligent advocate for Alaska. Lisa has worked hard and achieved much for us,” said Gary Slaven, vice president of the Petersburg Vessel Owners Association.

The association is a group of 100 commercial fishermen and businesses operating primarily in Southeast Alaska. Members participate in the salmon, herring, halibut, cod, crab and shrimp fisheries, said Executive Director Julianne Curry.

Cordova District Fishermen United…

And Lisa Murkowski today received the endorsement of Cordova District Fishermen United, the association representing 300 members and 1,000 fishing families that live in Prince William Sound.

“Thanks to Senator Murkowski’s tireless work on behalf of 32,000 Exxon Valdez plaintiffs, settlement recipients were eligible for tax deferment through one-time retirement account contributions, and were not subject to self-employment tax on their settlements. Senator Murkowski recognized that after 20 years, plaintiffs had waited long enough for retribution and compensation for their losses, and worked to ensure that the settlements they received were maximized. She stood by fishermen in Washington prior to the release of the Supreme Court’s decision,” said Jerry McCune, the President of the CDFU.

“Senator Murkowski recognizes that never again can we put our waters at risk of another major oil spill. Legislation introduced first by Senator Murkowski led to the mandate that oil tankers have a two-tug escort when transiting the Port of Valdez,” McCune said.

The group in its endorsement noted that Lisa Murkowski was instrumental in securing mandatory country of original labeling, including wild and farmed labeling for fish and seafood. It noted her efforts to increase consumer confidence in seafood purchases and her efforts to fight against FDA approval of genetically altered salmon.

“CDFU is proud to endorse write-in candidate Senator Lisa Murkowski for the U.S. Senate. With the number of federal issues approaching Alaska’s commercial fishing industry, it is vital we have someone with proven experience and leadership to represent our interests. This is the only way we will get things done,” said McCune. “We appreciate all of the work she has done over the years to keep commercial fishermen in business and encourage our members to write in her name Nov. 2,” McCune said.

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