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Murkowski Welcomes Teamster Local 959 Endorsement


Anchorage, AK - Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) this afternoon welcomed the decision by Teamsters Local 959’s Political Action Committee to endorse her write-in campaign for the U.S. Senate.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Teamsters Local 959. Ensuring that Alaskans have good paying, stable jobs is one of my top priorities in the Senate and that is what unites us,” said Lisa Murkowski.

“We are urging all of our members to vote for Ms. Murkowski and reminding them to mark the oval and write in her name. As a Senator of our state for eight years, we believe Senator Murkowski’s knowledge, experience and seniority is vital to not only the over 6,000 members that we represent in the state, but to all working people,” said Ken Coleman, Secretary-Treasurer, General Teamsters Local 959.

“Her ability to reach across party lines, whether working with Senator Begich on military issues, assuring those associated jobs stay in our state, or budget issues, making sure we get our fair share of federal money for such programs as the Denali Commission, are only a few examples of Ms. Murkowski’s commitment, knowledge and understanding of our issues,” said  Coleman.

The Teamsters that work in health care, telecommunication, mining, construction, public sector-military base operating, and trucking, was a key union that aided construction of the trans-Alaska oil pipeline.

“We have always had a history of working with all parties, and Senator Murkowski’s bipartisan approach is more reflective of our diverse membership and its broad-based issues. Senator Murkowski, we believe, brings clear perspective to the table. She understands the importance of economic development and the creation of jobs in our state, as well as the importance of pension plan protection and reform. Senator Murkowski understands and supports the needs of working men and women. We proudly stand up and support her and her write-in campaign,” said Mr. Coleman.

Murkowski said in a new term she will renew her efforts to get a natural gas pipeline under construction, work to promote on and offshore oil and gas development and push renewable energy developments to promote jobs and reduce Alaskans’ energy costs.


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