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Miller confronts Murkowski



One week after claiming support of prominent Democrats, Lisa fails to address lie about NRA endorsement

Anchorage, Alaska. October 27, 2010 -- In a display of political double-speak that only eight years in Washington DC can perfect, Senator Lisa Murkowski seemingly defended her campaign's recent false use of an endorsement from the NRA of her write-in bid for the Senate.   Just days after Lisa's campaign was called on the carpet by the Democrats for falsely claiming the support of Alaska Democrat nominee for Governor Ethan Berkowitz and Washington Senator Patty Murray (a member of the Democrat leadership), she defended her campaign's use of an endorsement that, in reality, does not exist. Murkowski said she apologized to Berkowitz, but the burning question is, why has she not apologized to the Alaskan people, whom she has misled?    

According to the November edition of the NRA's American Rifleman, the flagship publication of one of the nation's premier organizations in support of gun rights, the group is NOT endorsing Lisa Murkowski in her write-in campaign for Senate as she has claimed in campaign literature and mailings.   "This is yet another example of Lisa saying anything and everything in her desperate attempts to keep the Senate seat her father gave her.  She had a 'D' rating in the state house and voted in favor of Eric Holder's nomination for U.S. Attorney General.  There is only one candidate running for Senate that is a true supporter of the 2nd Amendment and I am that candidate," Joe Miller said.

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