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Insurer Pricing and Denial Rates Now on HealthCare.gov



Navigating the insurance market and selecting a plan that is right for you have often required a dictionary, a magnifying glass to read the fine print, and a whole lot of digging. 

Today, this changes.

As of today, the Insurance Finder on HealthCare.gov includes important new pricing and benefits information about private health insurance plans offered to individuals and families - giving you the power to compare cost estimates and benefits offered by different plans head-to-head.   

This puts you - not insurance companies - in charge, and helps take a lot of the guesswork and confusion out of buying insurance.

Check it out at http://finder.healthcare.gov/

As you'll see, HealthCare.gov now provides you with information about health insurance options such as:

  • Monthly premium estimates
  • Cost-sharing information, including annual deductibles and out-of-pocket limits
  • Major categories of services covered
  • The consumer's share of the cost of these services
And to help you make more informed choices, HealthCare.gov also includes, for each insurance product, two notable metrics that have never previously been available to the public:

  • The percentage of people who applied for coverage and were denied
  • The percentage of applicants who were charged higher premiums due to their health status
See how the new tool works at http://finder.healthcare.gov/

HealthCare.gov is making the insurance marketplace more open and transparent than ever before - inspiring more robust competition, which can help improve value and lower costs for consumers. 

We are confident that this new information will make it easier for you to evaluate the quality and cost of health insurance plans, and help put health care back into your own hands.


Kathleen Sebelius
Secretary of Health and Human Services

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