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Hardball video clip: 'McAdams Surges, Can Win'


The whole country is talking about Scott McAdams' surge in the polls!

Check out what NBC chief political correspondent Chuck Todd and Washington Post political reporter Chris Cillizza said on Hardball last night:


As Chuck Todd reports: "The people that want to do business in Alaska, they sit there and they say we don't think Joe Miller is a guy that understands how to get federal money back to Alaska, how everything works, we're very nervous about him."

Three separate polls now show the race is a toss-up -- that Scott, Lisa and Joe are all within the margin of error (4 points) from each other

We've raised more money than either of our opponents, we are so close!

Paid for by Scott McAdams for US Senate | PO Box 200569, Anchorage, AK 99520

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