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Berkowitz Seeks the Truth


Parnell Hides While Berkowitz Seeks the Truth

ANCHORAGE-  In response to Ethan Berkowitz' commonsense proposal to restore integrity to the Executive Branch by ensuring that all future Attorneys General could not be fired by the Governor's whim, Sean Parnell's campaign went on the attack while he pulled his famous hiding act. His spokeswoman said Sean is of  "highest integrity"and then attacked Ethan Berkowitz for trying to ensure that, in the future, Governors will be held accountable if they break the Constitution. 

Berkowitz responded, "If Sean Parnell is of the 'highest integrity', he'll have no problem answering three questions for Alaskans:

1.  Sean, will you immediately direct the Attorney General and Department of Public Safety to investigate Joe Miller's fraudulent hunting license application?   Joe Miller signed a release at the time that gave the Department of Public Safety the right to investigate application fraud. Will you order an investigation immediately, or does your endorsement of Miller last week mean that you will refuse to investigate his fraud?

2.  Will you move immediately to recover all of the fraudulent payroll disbursed to your illegal hires - Gene Therriault and Nancy Dahlstrom - along with the amount of the pension that was inflated by Therriault's acceptance of the position?

3.  And finally, will you immediately release the Troppergate emails that you have been hiding for Sarah Palin?  As of yesterday, 13 extensions had been filed to hide her actions and you are responsible.  Will you stop stonewalling and release the emails?

It's time to be transparent and accountable, come out of hiding, and give us answers."

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