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Benson Wins Lt. Governor Debate


Treadwell stumbles on Veterans Affairs, Taxes and Electoral Reform

Treadwell's answer on a gas pipeline question raises ethical and legal questions about Parnell's Open Season process

ANCHORAGE - Diane Benson handily won the Public Television Lt. Governor Debate on Tuesday Night.  She was firmly in command as she took Mead Treadwell to task on veterans affairs, tax policy and electoral reform in tonight's KAKM Running debate. 

In addition to outlining a clear plan for reforming the Division of Elections, which left Treadwell agreeing that she had the right strategy, Benson spoke passionately about her commitment to ensuring that Veterans would be a priority for the Berkowitz/Benson administration.
Treadwell also stated that the Parnell/Treadwell team supported the Alaskan Ownership Stake plan that Benson and Berkowitz have rolled out over the course of the campaign.

Mead Treadwell's troubling response to a question about Parnell's plan to build a gasline raised serious ethical and legal questions as to the extent of Treadwell's knowledge about the closed door process of the "Open Season."  

Diane Benson and Ethan Berkowitz pointed out, "When Mead Treadwell stated that there was an 'option to make an All-Alaska gas pipeline' as well as having had 'buyers and sellers come to the table' during the Open Season, he either divulged confidential information he should not have had, or he spoke misleadingly.  There is cause for alarm either way, and we call on Mead and his running mate, Sean Parnell, to immediately make public what information they have and who they have shared it with."

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