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Alaska unemployment rate at 7.8 percent in September


Alaska's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for September inched up slightly to 7.8 percent.

August's revised rate did not change, staying at 7.7 percent.

The comparable national jobless rate for September was 9.6 percent, unchanged from August.

The unemployment rate in Alaska has recovered a bit faster than it has nationwide. Exactly a year ago, the U.S. rate was 9.8 percent, compared to 8.3 percent for Alaska. September was the 23rd consecutive month that Alaska's rate was lower than the nation's.

Unemployment rates that were not seasonally adjusted increased slightly in all but one of the state's regions in September. This is typical as fi shing and tourism drop off considerably and construction work tapers down. These unemployment numbers will continue to rise for the next fi ve to six months as winter sets in.

In nearly all of the regions, unemployment rates came in slightly below year-ago levels.

For example, Southeast's unemployment rate in September was 6.2 percent, versus 6.7 percent last year. The Northern region was the only area where the jobless rate came in higher, by threetenths of a percent, than a year ago.

In September, like August, the areas with both the highest and lowest unemployment rates were unchanged. The Bristol Bay Borough and Skagway had the lowest unemployment rates, and the numbers were highest in the Wade Hampton and Bethel census areas. But some of these rankings will change with the onset of winter, and areas with higher rates will have more company.

Unemployment Rates, Seasonally Adjusted
9/10       8/10        9/09
Alaska           7.8%      7.7%       8.3%
U.S.               9.6%      9.6%       9.8%

Research and Analysis' Web site: http://laborstats.alaska.gov

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