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Alaska Snowmobile Education Grant Funded


The North America Outdoor Institute is pleased to announce the award of a $15,000 grant from the Alaska SnowTrack Grant program to host a snowmobile safety curriculum summit and training program. The goal of the summit, the first step in this process, is to review curriculum developed from past projects and establish a standard for snowmobile safety education in Alaska.

NAOI will host the summit On November 20, 2010 in Anchorage and invites everyone interested in joining in this process to become one of the stakeholders.

“We have unique riding conditions and terrain in this state and providing a comprehensive curriculum that addresses these challenges will help ensure that all snowmobile riders have the opportunity to learn the skills needed to prevent unintentional injury and death,” said Bill Luck with the Alaska State Trails Program within DPOR.

This summit is open to all snowmobile safety educators, club members, riders, avalanche instructors, SnowTrack committee members and invited guests. To apply for inclusion in the summit please contact Debra McGhan at The North America Outdoor Institute, 376-2898 or email info@naoiak.org. Include the term ‘Snowmobile Safety Summit’ in the subject line.

This is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in snowmobile safety education to play a key role in the process of developing a standard training program for the State of Alaska.

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