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Alaska Redistricting Board Announces Executive Director Hire


Alaska Redistricitng Board Chairman John Torgerson today announced the hire of Anchorage attorney
Ron Miller as Executive Director. Mr. Miller has previously served the State of Alaska as Executive
Director of the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority and the Alaska Energy Authority.
Chairmen Torgerson stated the Board was pleased that Mr. Miller accepted the position and was
confident he will provide the staff direction the Board will need to deal with challenges we will face over
the next two years.

The Redistricting Board was created by a 1998 amendment to Article VI of the Alaska Constitution
and is responsible for reconfiguring State house and senate districts after every federal
census. The current Board is composed of:

· Board Chairman John Torgerson, Executive Director of the Kenai Peninsula Economic

Development District (appointed by Governor Parnell);
· Board Vice-Chair Al Clough, Juneau businessman, commercial pilot and former Deputy

Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development
(appointed by Governor Parnell);
· Marie Greene, President & CEO of NANA Regional Corporation of Kotzebue (appointed by State

Supreme Court Chief Justice Carpenetti);
· Robert Brodie, owner, Associated Island Brokers of Kodiak (appointed by President of the State

Senate Gary Stevens);
· Jim Holm, former State Representative and owner of the Holm Town Nursery in Fairbanks (appointed by Speaker of the State House Mike Chenault).

Chairman Torgerson said Mr. Miller will start tomorrow, October 26th. "We have a lot of work to do in a
short period of time and it is important that we get started right away" he continued. Torgerson
explained, "The State Constitution mandates we adopt one or more proposed redistricting plans within
thirty (30) days of receiving the census data from the federal government. We will get the data no later
than April 1 of next year and we must have a final plan within ninety (90) days of receipt of the data.
Before then we need to get a small staff together, along with independent counsel and other experts,
train staff and Board members in the redistricting software and finish setting up the Board's office in
Anchorage, so we need Ron to get started right away."
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