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Solar Power Seminar Oct. 13 in Anchorage


Joint Company Solar Power Seminar

Date and Time: October 13th at 5:30pm
Place: Renewable Energy Systems
Location: 145 West Dimond, Anchorage, AK 99515
Tel: (907) 561-7941

Seminar Instructors
BJ Compton from Renewable Energy Systems, Anchorage
George Sikat from Mat-Su Energy, Wasilla

Tuesday night topics of discussion
  • solar power - how a solar power system works
  • types of solar power systems - a residential case study, is it right for you?
  • requirements for an optimized solar energy photovoltaic system
  • rebates, incentives and financial strategies for your solar power system - solar ROI
  • choosing a solar power solution- roof mounted or pole mounted
  • wind turbines will also be discussed

***Bring a copy of your electric bill, we will try to design a system that will reduce, possibly eliminate you monthly bill.
Anyone who requests a quote for a system design will receive a free estimate for a renewable energy system.
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