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Rep. Young’s Statement On Unveiling Of Democrat’s Government-Run Health Care Bill


Washington, D.C. - Alaskan Congressman Don Young released the following statement today following the unveiling of the Democrat's Health Care bill:

"Yet another piece of legislation from the Democrats cobbled together through secret negotiations and backroom deals, behind closed doors," said Rep. Young.  "This latest plan includes a government takeover of health care that will raise health care costs, add to our national debt, and hurt seniors, small businesses and families. 

"Not only was this bill written in secret, but access to the unveiling was blocked even though their press conference took place on the public space on the steps of the Capitol and the National Mall!  Someone needs to remind the Democrat leadership that we are the people's house.  We represent the people's interests and we have obligations to the people to be fully transparent when we are drafting legislation that will affect their lives.

"This health care proposal is broken down into not one, but two bills.  H.R. 3962, the Affordable Health Care for America Act, is 1,990 pages long and estimated to cost approximately $900 billion.  H.R. 3961, the Medicare Physician Payment Reform Act of 2009 is a 13-page bill costing more than $200 billion, and unpaid for, meaning it will be charged directly to our unsustainable national debt.  These bills are nothing more than yet another tax on the American worker, and do nothing to actually IMPROVE the quality of our care; they only ensure that we all receive the same substandard care equally.

"No one will dispute that our health care system is broken and needs to be fixed.  There are many excellent ideas coming from both sides of the aisle as to how we go about doing just that, however Speaker Pelosi has her mind set and that's the final word.  No input from those who may disagree is allowed and no discussions with those outside her circle have taken place.  The power play going on in this house is disgraceful, and I can only hope that the American people will continue to make their voices heard and remind Speaker Pelosi that her socialist ideas are not welcome here."
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