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Rep. Young Votes For Defense Authorization


Washington, D.C. - Alaskan Congressman Don Young voted yes today on H.R. 2647, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010.  The conference report for H.R. 2647 sets a comprehensive annual defense policy and authorizes budget authority for the Department of Defense (DoD) for Fiscal Year 2010.  The legislation authorizes over $550.2 billion for standard operations of the DoD and Department of Energy national security programs, as well as $130 billion for funding ongoing military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.  This bill also contains a provision paying out the pensions of about two dozen elderly members of the World War II-era Alaska Territorial Guard.

"Giving our troops the resources they need to be strong and effective is a priority, and this bill will do that," said Rep. Young.  "This bill is very important for our military.  In this unfortunate time of war, we need to make sure our military families have the funding, the equipment, and the numbers they need to ensure they stay as safe and as taken care of as possible.  I am especially pleased that the Alaska Territorial Guard provision allowing the former Guard members to count their service in the Alaska Territorial Guard as part of active military duty remained in this bill; that is incredibly important to those brave servicemen and women and something that the delegation has been working on for a while.  This is a good bill that takes care of our military and our veterans and it is one that I am proud to stand behind."      

Provisions beneficial to Alaska in H.R. 2647:
·      Clear AFS:  Power Plant Facility -- $24,300,000
·      Eielson AFB:  Arctic Utilidor Phase I -- $9,900,000
·      Eielson AFB:  Taxiway Lighting -- $3,450,000
·      Elmendorf AFB:  Red Flag Alaska -- $3,100,000
·      Elmendorf AFB:  F22 Weapons Load Training Facility -- $12,600,000
·      Elmendorf AFB:  Aeromedical Services / Mental Health Clinic -- $25,017,000
·      Ft. Richardson:  Airborne Sustainment Training Complex -- $6,100,000
·      Ft. Richardson:  Training Aids Center -- $2,050,000
·      Ft. Richardson:  Warrior in Transition Complex -- $43,000,000
·      Ft. Richardson:  Combat Pistol Range -- $4,900,000
·      Ft. Richardson:  Health Clinic -- $3,518,000
·      Ft. Wainwright:  Railhead Complex -- $26,000,000
·      Ft. Wainwright:  Aviation Unit Operations Complex -- $19,000,000
·      Ft. Wainwright:  Aviation Task Force Complex, Phase I -- $95,000,000
·      Ft. Wainwright:  Warrior in Transition Complex -- $28,000,000
·      Eielson AFB :  Replace Family Housing (92 Units) at -- $37,650,000   
·      Eielson AFB:  Purchase Build/Lease Housing (300 Units) -- $18,144,000

  • Transfer Haines Tank Farm to Chilkoot Indian Association
  • Alaska Territorial Guard Benefits
  • Non-Foreign Area Act, a bill that will replace the Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) with Locality Pay for federal employees in Alaska, Hawaii and the territories
  • Continued production of Ground-Based Interceptor Missile and operation of Missile Field 1 at Ft. Greely
  • Authorizes appropriations for Port Infrastructure development program as needed, based on success of Port of Anchorage
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