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Ramras to Run for Lieutenant Governor


Three term State Representative Jay Ramras announced his 2010 candidacy for the office of Lieutenant Governor on Oct. 20.

"Families do better, students stay in school, houses of worship are full, and the pressure on law enforcement to protect the quiet enjoyment of our lives eases, when the economic tide of our community is rising. As a lieutenant governor, I hope to be a rainmaker, ambassador, connector, and facilitator to better align these interests of our young, great state," Ramras said

"I have been blessed, to be a born and raised Alaskan, having built businesses in Alaska that employ over 250 people. However, as our state's economy begins to show signs of strain, we need to embark on a bold but steady path, articulated in this election, by the candidates for governor and lieutenant governor."

Said Ramras, "With great humility, and more than 20 years of private sector experience, I want to assist our next governor in reshaping policies driven by sound growth principles, that enhance our communities by utilizing our rich resource based economy. Alaska is a declining oil province and we must fix this. We have something special here and must nurture our strengths," Ramras said.

Ramras is an employer in the hospitality industry, based in Fairbanks.  He owns Pike's Waterfront Lodge, Pike's Landing, and the Food Factory restaurant. Ramras currently serves as the chairman of the House Judiciary committee, as well as the chair of the House special committee on Economic Development, Trade and Tourism.
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