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Name Change for Alaska Computer Brokers


Alaska Computer Brokers is now ACB Solutions.

Alaska Computer Brokers started out as a sales-based business. Since then they have grown into a technology solutions provider for small and medium-sized businesses. The retail store and corporate sales division closed in 2003 and they now provide IT solutions, computer applications training, and Autodesk solutions. Management felt that it was time that the business name reflected that change.

"We have been known as Alaska Computer Brokers since 1986 and it very much reflected who we were at the time," said Russell Ball, owner of ACB Solutions, "When we moved to a solutions-based model it became very contradictory to what we were doing."

The move to a technology solutions provider came about as a result of changes in the technology industry.

"As technology progressed, people became more interest in solutions for their business rather than just a product off-the-shelf," said Ball. "By moving to a solutions-based model, we felt that this company could offer its clients a better value. "

Alaska Computer Brokers officially became ACB Solutions on July 1, 2009. The name ACB Solutions was chosen because it was close enough to Alaska Computer Brokers (or ACB) that it would be recognizable but also reflected the fact that the company now provides technology solutions.

New Marketing Manager at ACB Solutions.

Christine Gibbs recently joined ACB Solutions as marketing manager. ACB Solutions specializes in IT services, computer applications training, and Autodesk Solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

"I am very excited to be a part of the team at ACB Solutions," said Gibbs, "They are a great company and I look forward to working with them."

Gibbs graduated from UAA in 2007 with a BA in Journalism and Public Communications and previously served as the marketing coordinator for Surveyors Exchange Co.

ACB Solutions Becomes Eligible Training Provider for State of Alaska.

ACB Solutions has been approved as an eligible training provider for the State of Alaska.

As an eligible training provider, ACB Solutions is able to provide training for individuals that qualify for retraining through the State of Alaska Job Center. This includes unemployed individuals that are looking to start a new career and those that need training in order to meet job requirements.

Two training paths are available through this program: Computer Installation & Repair Technology and Drafting & Design Technology.

The computer installation and repair program prepares students to work as a computer technician in any office environment. This position includes activities such as network maintenance and computer repair.

The drafting and design technology program prepares students to work in the architecture, engineering, or construction industries as an AutoCAD or Revit drafter.

Both programs take a minimum of six months to complete and are designed to prepare students to work in a real-world environment.

"We want to provide a high quality of training that adequately prepares these individuals for their new career in as short a time as possible." said Rob Axtell, training manager for ACB Solutions, "These programs are designed and developed to do just that."

These programs, as well as an administrative clerk program, are also available for Workers' Compensation retraining and are open to individuals looking for training in these areas.  

To find out more about these retraining programs contact Rob Axtell at 907-267-4216 or raxtell@akcbsolutions.com.

ACB Solutions provides IT services, computer applications training, and Autodesk solutions. Formerly known as Alaska Computer Brokers, they recently changed their name to reflect the fact that they no longer have a computer retail store.

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