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McGuire Calls for Cross-Border Accord at CSG-WEST Conference


Oct. 5, 2009

SANTA FE, New Mexico – Senate Energy Chair Lesil McGuire today called on state lawmakers from the western United States, Canada and Mexico to work together on effective, innovative public policies to meet future energy needs, as well as strengthen competitiveness in trade and border management.

McGuire is the immediate past chair of the Council of State Governments-West. She welcomed CSG-WEST delegates to Santa Fe for “North America Summit II,” the centerpiece theme for the council’s 2009 annual meeting.

The Anchorage lawmaker served as chair of the CSG-WEST 2008 annual meeting in Anchorage.  “This summit serves as a continuation of the rich dialogue and legislative exchange of the annual meeting last year in my home state of Alaska,” McGuire said.

“The United States, Mexico and Canada are linked by trilateral agreements, such as the North American Free Trade Agreement. But we also are linked by a long history of social and political relationships that extend beyond governments and private sector interests.”

McGuire also chairs the Senate Special Committee on World Trade, Technology and Innovations, and she told CSG-WEST delegates, “Whether you are from a border state with Canada, or Mexico, or an interior western state, it is imperative that we know what occurs on a daily basis at our ports of entry that impact local communities as well as our three countries.”

“Among our challenges,” McGuire added, “is enhancing the economic competitiveness of North America when other economic blocks continue to make advancements, such as the European Union, India, Asia and South America.

“As political leaders in our respective states, we also must take care that our federal governments are enacting strategic policies that further cooperation, promote state and provincial synergies and develop secure, fast and smart borders.”

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