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Ellis, Gardner to Deliver Neighborhood Comments to Highway2Highway


200+ Page Record of Public Opposition Compiles Voices of Affected Citizens

ANCHORAGE – On Monday, Senator Johnny Ellis and Representative Berta Gardner will deliver a Record of Public Opposition to the proposed alternatives for the potential Highway2Highway project to the project office.  The Record consists of public comments from homeowners and citizens of the affected areas, resolutions from Community Councils and the Anchorage Assembly, and news items about the controversy.

Since news of the alternatives became widely known in late September thanks to the work of a few citizen activists, hundreds of people have spoken up, including strong resolutions from a combined 450+ people at the Campbell Park, Rogers Park, and Airport Heights Community Councils. 

“I will not support any route that destroys an established neighborhood,” said Sen. Ellis.  “Working together, we can save our homes and quality of life.  The Department of Transportation should listen to the voices of the neighborhoods and eliminate these misguided alternatives from consideration.”

The record shows a group of dedicated citizens who have worked to establish and maintain a quality of life in some of Anchorage’s most defined neighborhoods.  Their comments include a number of passionate insights about traffic and transportation planning, the future of Anchorage’s neighborhoods, and the city as a whole. 

Copies will also be made available to each of the community councils involved in the process.

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