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CIRI Plans for New Coal-To-Gas Project


Cook Inlet Region Inc. has just announced its plans to pursue a coal-to-gas project on the west side of Cook Inlet. CIRI is looking to a new, but proven technology to gasify coal underground and use the synthesis gas or syn-gas to power a 100-megawatt power plant. The electricity generated by the plant would be sold to utilities in the south-central to supplement or replace dwindling capacity. In addition to power generation, the flexibility of uses for syn-gas could also supply manufacturing through use as a feedstock.

A big advantage of the process proposed by CIRI is that the harmful contaminants of the coal would be left in the ground. In addition, CIRI is planning on capturing the carbon dioxide that is produced and re-injecting it to enhance oil recovery in nearby fields where production is reaching the limit of its economic viability.

Information about the project is on the Web at www.cirienergy.com.
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