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Anchorage Legislators Express Concern Over Mayor’s Proposal to Use Municipal Revenue Sharing for Government Expenditures


Call for Mayor to Reverse Proposal and Spend State Revenue Sharing on Property Tax Relief

(ANCHORAGE) - A group of Anchorage Legislators on Oct. 26 urged Mayor Sullivan to reverse his proposal to spend state revenue sharing appropriations on government expenditures rather than on property tax relief.

"The Mayor's proposal would reverse a positive city trend to use these funds for property tax relief." said Representative Les Gara (D - Anchorage).

A legislative research report released this summer by Senator Bill Wielechowski showed that Anchorage homeowners saved thousands of dollars per household in property taxes in 2007 and 2008 thanks to the legislature's reinstatement of state revenue sharing with the Municipality and agreement to pay hundreds of millions in Municipal retirement costs.

"Recent legislative reports indicate Anchorage taxpayers have saved thousands in property taxes from revenue sharing," said Senator Wielechowski (D - Anchorage).  "We think it's important to continue that."

The report found that Governor Murkowski's elimination of the state's revenue sharing program in 2004 led to a substantial increase in local property taxes around the state.

In a letter to Mayor Sullivan, the legislators expressed their agreement with a February 2009 resolution by the Anchorage assembly which stated that "All state revenue sharing appropriations shall be applied to reduce property taxes in a manner such that revenue sharing does not impact the municipal tax cap calculation."

The legislators also expressed their willingness to work with the Mayor to continue to solve the issues facing the Municipality.

For more information contact Sen. Wielechowski at 269-0120 or Rep. Gara at 269-0106.
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