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Aleut Corporation Announces Second 2009 Shareholder Divident and Elder Dividend


Aleut Corporation Shareholder Dividend and Elder Dividend Announced

October 23, 2009, Anchorage - The Aleut Corporation is pleased to announce that the board of directors approved a second dividend in the amount of $5 per share and an additional $500 elder dividend to be paid in November 2009.

This second dividend is in addition to $6 per share and $500 elder dividends that were paid out earlier this year.  This combines for a total of $11 per share and $1,000 per elder for 2009.

Corporate CEO Troy Johnson, an original shareholder, said: “The Aleut Corporation is proud of its success, which has allowed the company to increase dividends every year for the past 6 years.”  The Aleut Corporation is an Alaska regional corporation with 16 diverse subsidiary companies and 3,600 shareholders.

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