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Alaska Republican Party Begins Process to Find Candidates for State House District 11 Seat


Alaska Republican Party Begins Process to Find Candidates for State House District 11 Seat

This afternoon John Coghill resigned his State House seat in order to be sworn in as the new the Senator for Senate Seat F. Accordingly the Alaska Republican Party, in accordance with Party rules, has initiated the party process for recommending three candidates to Gov. Parnell to fill this vacancy.

Chairman Ruedrich today said, “The Alaska Republican Party congratulates Senator Coghill on his new post. We are confident he will serve with dignity and represent his expanded constituency in an honorable manner. The Party must now look to fill his State House Seat with a representative as equally dedicated to individual freedom and economic opportunity as he has proven to be. With this in mind we have initiated the Party’s internal process for finding three candidates to recommend to Governor Parnell. This is a process we are proud to say has worked flawlessly nine times this decade to fill such vacancies.”

Beginning today, October 27th, anyone who meets the legal criteria for serving can file their application materials with the Alaska Republican Party’s District 11 Committee. They will continue to collect applications by mail, email, or in person until 5:00 PM on November 4rd. The District Committee will schedule private interviews with qualifying applicants on November 5th and 6th. The Committee will then hold a meeting open to all registered Alaskan Republicans on Saturday, November 7th at 11:00 AM where candidate’s written applications, interviews, and public addresses will be scored and tallied. The three highest scoring candidates will have their names forwarded to Gov. Parnell.

All of the materials necessary to apply for the vacancy, a thorough explanation of the requirements for service, and a detailed outline of the selection process can be found at alaskarepublicans.com.

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