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ANTHC Wins Highly Competitive $1 Million Stimulus Grant


Press Release: ANTHC wins highly competitive $1 million stimulus grant

Funds to involve rural teens in ground-breaking air quality project

Anchorage, AK — The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, in partnership with the University of Montana,
was awarded a $1 million Challenge Grant under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. More than
18,000 scientists were involved in the peer review process of 20,000 applications; only 200 were selected.

The innovative project teaches high school students from seven rural Alaska communities about the importance
of good air quality and health problems associated with indoor air pollution. Students will conduct air sampling
in their homes and the homes of their friends and families. Project staff will work with the students to analyze
data, design solutions and carry out interventions to improve air quality in their communities.
While the primary goal is better air quality, the project will provide students with marketable environmental
health skills, which are in high demand in Alaska. Additionally, seven environmental health jobs will be created
in Alaska’s rural villages.

Project communities have yet to be selected. Interested communities should contact ANTHC’s Principal
Investigator, Senior Environmental Health Consultant Troy Ritter, at tlritter@anthc.org.

About the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium is a non-profit health organization owned and managed by Alaska Native tribal governments and their regional health organizations. The Consortium was created in 1997 to provide statewide Native health services. Services include: The Alaska Native Medical Center a major medical center; design and engineering group; medical supply distributor; health research organization and public health and advocacy agency.

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