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November 2015

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Alaska’s Seafood Processing Industry

Alaska’s seafood processing industry is holding a steady course as 2015 winds down. Recognition of the industry has been growing over the last decade as economic analyses reflect a more inclusive view, counting both direct and indirect fiscal impacts.

Water & Wastewater: Remote Camps

The climate and geology of Alaska can make installing water and wastewater treatment systems a challenge for any community. But what happens when the community is only temporary or moves from location to location regularly?

Mobile and Network Data Security

As data security threats evolve with the expanded use of technology, Alaska businesses are incorporating new strategies and solutions to protect their information—whether it’s on a computer network or mobile device.

Regional Training Centers Prep Workforce

Alaska’s regional training centers prepare students of all ages for the workforce—from driver’s licenses to maritime skills. There’s also a growing pool of healthcare training in response to increasing demand throughout the state.

Cybersecurity: Leadership Challenges in the Cyber Threat Era

Computers represent one of those rare creations in history whose unforeseen effects cascade throughout society, leaving lasting change. Emergent technology, such as the printing press or gunpowder, can challenge the status quo by creating new paradigms for how nations conduct war and diplomacy.

Northwest Alaska Minerals Potential

During the last several years, various media outlets in Alaska have been rife with discussion of the potential for economic development in the US Arctic, which is essentially northern Alaska.

The Future of Mining in Alaska

In my role at Alaska’s trade association representing the mining industry, I am frequently approached with inquiries all bearing the same theme: “How are things in the mining industry?” Especially in today’s environment of low commodity prices, reduced state and federal government spending, and layoffs in the multi-industry support sector, Alaskans and Americans are interested in learning what the future of mining may look like and how the industry may impact the economy.

The Changing Roles of HR

It’s not too surprising that the workplace keeps changing. In business, those that do not evolve and get with the change are left behind. Change flows like a wave on the ocean. Business owners can either be pounded by it or learn how to surf. Human Resources (HR) can lead the way, making sure businesses create surfers versus drowning victims, but HR’s strategic roles have to evolve too.

Previous Experience Required!

Almost all of us had the same problem when we graduated from college. We needed to find the right job, or for that matter, any job that could get our business careers started. The problem was, all the jobs we saw advertised required a year or two of experience, and we didn’t have it—if only we could find a way for employers to meet us.

Alaska Natural Resources Propel State Economy

Alaska is a natural resources state, which includes oil and gas, mining, forestry, fisheries, and tourism industries providing jobs and revenue to the overall economy as well as to state, local, and federal governments. There are two great conferences this month, and the November issue of Alaska Business Monthly is packed with natural resources articles.
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