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Sen. McGuire to Host Competitive Energy Roundtable


Roundtable to focus on building measures to improve Alaska’s energy security and lowering Alaska’s in-state electrical costs through competition

ANCHORAGE-Senator Lesil McGuire, R-Anchorage, in partnership with the Alaska Independent Power Producers Association, will be hosting a “Competitive Energy Roundtable” discussion on November 12th in the CIRI first floor conference room. The roundtable discussion will focus on identifying State statutes and regulations which create barriers to electrical competition and developing strategies to alter these barriers as a matter of public interest. The agenda also includes evaluation of ways to improve in-state electrical competition, increase private investment into Alaska’s renewable energy sector, improve Alaskan’s energy security, and lower electricity costs through open competition.

The roundtable participants will include Alaska’s top private sector energy resource developers and Alaska’s Native corporations working to develop Alaska’s renewable energy.

“Alaska is blessed with the majority of our Nation’s undeveloped renewable energy resources, yet we have only scratched the surface of generating power from renewable energy resources for our own citizens,” said Senator McGuire.  “Our own State of Alaska energy policy states that we will generate 50% of our electricity by 2025 but we have barriers that discourage investment into our resources and are holding us back from achieving these goals.”

“One key solution to be discussed is how we can remove barriers to competition so Alaska welcomes and encourages energy entrepreneurs and investment. Alaska must lower its electrical costs.  We have a duty to the citizens of Alaska to provide affordable electricity to maintain our quality of life,” said Senator McGuire.  “We also need affordable energy in order to remain competitive in maintaining military bases and in attracting and developing new industry and jobs to our State.”

In 2010, Sen. McGuire sponsored Senate Bill 220, the Alaska Sustainable Energy Act, which was designed to encourage private investment and have Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) develop and execute an energy efficiency program. “The energy programs through AHFC have been successful.  Now we need to focus on using competition to attract private enterprise and investment to help lower Alaska’s energy costs,” said Senator McGuire.

The Roundtable will include Alaska’s leading wind, hydrokinetic, combined heat and power, and hydropower developers and operators. These companies include Cook Inlet Region, Inc., Delta Wind Farm, Alaska Power & Telephone, Ocean Renewable Power Company, Juneau Hydropower, Chenega Energy, Alpine Energy, Alyeska Ski Resort, Fishhook Renewable Energy and STG.

Registration for the Competitive Energy Roundtable is free and open to the public, although seats are limited.

WHO: Competitive Energy Participants and Alaska State Legislators

WHAT: Discuss barriers to In-State Energy competition and how we make Alaska more competitive

WHEN: 11am, November 12, 2013

WHERE: CIRI, 2525 C Street, Anchorage, AK 99503

CALL IN:  1-855-463-5009.  Only invited guests and Legislative Members will be able to comment.  Members of the public are welcome to listen. 


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