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Rep. Young: “What Alaskans Actually Need is a Permanent Fix to These Problems”


Washington, D.C. - Alaskan Congressman Young released the following statement following the President's announcement of "administrative changes" to the Affordable Care Act.

“As much as I dislike this overbearing and reckless healthcare law, Alaskans deserve a level of certainty and clarity when dealing with it. The President’s announcement today is just another step to hide the critical flaws of the law and silence the millions of Americans who have already received cancellation notices to their existing healthcare policies.”

 “This ‘administrative fix’ is the President’s best attempt at saving face and sweeping the bigger issues under the rug. What Alaskans actually need is a permanent fix to these problems, not just a one year band-aid but a level of security moving forward. This is why I have supported the “Keep Your Health Plan Act,” which the House will pass tomorrow in order to make right one of the many falsehoods the President fed the American public to sell his healthcare law.”

 “Let me be clear, the negative effects of this law will persist long after we take up this issue. The only true fix is to fully repeal and replace this law.”

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