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Monthly Energy Review— November 4, 2013


U.S. Energy Information Administration releases expanded Excel and CSV files and a new interactive table viewer for the Monthly Energy Review

During 2013, EIA expanded Sections 1 through 10 and Appendix A of the Monthly Energy Review (MER) to incorporate annual data as far back as 1949 in those data tables that are published in both the Annual Energy Review 2011 and MER.

With the October 2013 release, the MER now features expanded Excel and CSV files that include all pre-1973 data available for tables other than Section 12.  The new Excel files now have two worksheets—one with monthly data (where available) and one with annual data.

In addition, EIA launched a new interactive table viewer on our Beta web page that allows users to:

  • Add and delete series from a graph
  • Adjust the time frame for data they want to view
  • Toggle between monthly and annual data
  • Download data into Excel and CSV files
  • Download and print graphs

The table viewer on Beta is accessible via the “Interactive” link next to each table title.

Customers can refer to the MER’s What’s New for a record of the MER expansion, as well as other changes to the publication.

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