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Marine Energy Technology Symposium ...Over 70 Abstracts Accepted...Conference Extended to Noon April 18, 2014


The 2nd Annual Marine Energy Technology Symposium, which is being held in conjunction with The Global Marine Renewable Energy Conference (GMREC), has received over 70 high quality abstracts. To accommodate presentations on these papers, the symposium and GMREC VII will be extended through 12:00 Noon PST, April 18, 2014. 

All METS papers will be peer-reviewed and authors whose papers are accepted to METS will have the opportunity to give a technical presentation at METS on April 15th-18th, 2014 in Seattle, WA. Note that authors must present their paper in-person at METS in order to have their work included in the conference proceedings.

2014 METS Abstract Submissions are listed below:

Authors whose final papers are accepted will give METS podium presentations and have their work published in the 2014 METS proceedings.





Wave Energy

Performance of a Non-Axisymmetric Floating Oscillating Water Column Wave Energy Conversion Device in Random Waves

Diana Bull

Sandia National Laboratories

Fatigue Life Distribution for a Simple Wave Energy Converter

Adam Brown

Oregon State University – Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center

Validation of a Novel Time-Domain Simulation Code for Wave Energy Conversion

Mirko Previsic

Re Vision Consulting, LLC

Developing and Testing the Open-Source

Michael Lawson, Yi-Hsiang Yu, Kelley Ruehl, Carlos Michelen

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

A Methodology for Wave to Wire WEC Simulations

Helen Bailey, Juan Ortiz, Bryson Robertson, Bradley Buckham, Ryan Nicoll

University of Victoria

Further Development of SNL-SWAN, a Validated Wave Energy Converter Array Modeling Tool

Aaron Porter, Kelley Ruehl, Ari Posner, Jesse Roberts

Coast and Harbor Engineering, Sandia National Laboratories, Hydrologic Research Center

Energy from the Ocean

Samir Shiban

Pure Air Systems

Robust Layouts for Ocean Wave Energy Farms

Lawrence Snyder, M. Mohsen Moarefdoost

Lehigh University

Optimization and Annual Average Power Predictions of a Backward Bent Duct Buoy Oscillating Water Column Device using the Wells Turbine

Arnold Fontaine, Christopher Smith, Steven Willits, Diana Bull

Applied Research Laboratory, The Pennsylvania State University

Model Predictive and Integral Error Tracking Control of a Vertical Axis Pendulum Wave Energy Converter

Blake Boren

Oregon State University

Initial Characterization of the Wave Resource at Several High Energy U.S. Sites

Budi Gunawan, Ann Dallman, Vincent Neary, Diana Bull

Sandia National Laboratories

Verification of a Spectral-Domain Wave Farm Model for Different WEC Types

Ben Child, Pauline Laporte Weywada

DNV GL Renewables Advisory

Wave Tank Validation of a Heaving Point Absorber Working Against a Subsea Reaction Plate

Mirko Previsic

Re Vision Consulting, LLC

Toward Optimal Control of Wave Energy Converters

Mirko Previsic

Re Vision Consulting, LLC

New Model of Wave Energy Converter

Nodar Tsivtsivadze

Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi, Georgia

Resource Scalability at Wave Energy Test Sites

Brendan Cahill

Fulbright-Institute Scholar, Oregon State University

An Approach to Reduced-Order Feedback Control for Wave Energy Converters

Belinda A. Batten, John R. Singler, Hesam E. Shoori J.

Oregon State University, Missouri University

The “Rho-Cee” WEC in “Offshore Wave & Wind Together; Afloat” – 3 Years’ Progress

Neal Brown

Float Incorporated

Review of Methods for Characterization, Prediction and Modeling of Extreme Events for Wave Energy Converters and their Analogues

Ryan Coe, Vince Neary, Michael Lawson, Yi-Hsiang Yu, Ann Dallman, Diana Bull

Sandia National Laboratories, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Analysis of the Impacts of Wave Energy Converter Arrays on the Nearshore Wave Climate

Annika O’Dea, Merrick Haller

Oregon State University, School of Civil and Construction Engineering

Application of GPU Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics for Design of Wave Energy Converters

Billy Edge

North Carolina State University

Cost Reduction Pathways for Marine Renewables

Mirko Previsic

Re Vision Consulting, LLC

Eulerian-Lagrangian Modeling of Sediment Dynamics Around Marine Energy Harvesting Devices

Heng Xiao, Rui Sun

Virginia Tech

A New System to Harness Energy From the Ocean

Ashok Kundapur


Tidal, Ocean, and River Current Energy

Superstorm Sandy and the Verdant Power RITE Project – In Situ Measurements and Temporal Analysis

Jonathan Colby

Verdant Power

Interactions Between Near and Far-Field Sediment Transport and Model Axial-Flow Turbine Performance for Single and Multi-Turbine Arrays

Craig Hill

University of Minnesota – St. Anthony Falls Laboratory

Development of a commercial Feed-in Tariff to develop the Nova Scotia Tidal Resource

Mirko Previsic

Re Vision Consulting, LLC

Development of Unmanned Vehicles to reduce Cost of Energy from Marine Renewables

Mirko Previsic

Re Vision Consulting, LLC

Testing and Accelerated Aging of Conductive Antifouling Paints for Marine Applications

Malachi Bunn, Alex Yokochi

Oregon State University

Optimizing Turbine Design for Estuaries With Skewed Tides

Brittany Bruder

Georgia Institute of Technology

Wear characterization of Critical Sliding Components of Hydrokinetic Devices in Sedimented Water

Muhammad Ali

Ohio University

Hydrokinetic Turbines at High Blockage Ratio

Arshiya Hoseyni Chime, Philip Malte

University of Washington

Determining the Spatial Coherence of Turbulence at MHK Sites

Levi Kilcher, Jim Thomson

National Renewable Energy Laboratory, University of Washington

Numerical Optimization and Design Improvements of a Portable Hydrokinetic Turbine

Alparslan Oztekin, William Schleicher, Jacob Riglin, Robert Klein

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics Lehigh University, e-Harvest Inc.

Modeling Impacts of Energy Extraction from the Gulf Stream System

Kevin Alexander, Xiufeng Yang, Hermann Fritz

Georgia Institute of Technology

Ocean Stream Power Generation: Unlocking a Source of Vast, Continuous, Renewable Energy

William Bolin


Analysis and Proof-of-Concept Experiment of a Near-Isothermal Compression Using Liquid Piston for Ocean Compressed Air Energy Storage (OCAES) System

Joong-kyoo Park, Paul Ro, Xiao He, Andre Mazzoleni

North Carolina State University

Marine Hydrokinetic Power Take-Off using Magnetic Gears

Jonathan Bird

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Economic and Structural Characteristics of a Rotor with Logarithmic Scaled Shape

Matthew Ross

Real NewEnergy

Preliminary Structural Design of Two Configurations of OCAES Vessel

Jinfu Xiao, Mohammed Gabr, Mohammed Rahman

ASCE Student member

Externally Bonded FBG Strain Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring of Marine Hydrokinetic Structures

Erick Johnson, Michael Schuster, Nathan Fritz, David Miller, Bernadette Hernandez-Sanchez, Mark Rumsey, Jarlath McEntee

Montana State University, Sandia National Laboratories, Ocean Renewable Power Company

Reynolds Number Dependence of Cross-Flow Turbine Performance and Near-Wake Characteristics

Peter Bachant, Martin Wosnik

Center for Ocean Renewable Energy, University of New Hampshire

Methodology for Design and Economic Analysis of Marine Energy Conversion (MEC) Technologies

Vincent Neary, Michael Lawson,

Andrea Copping, Kathleen Hallett, Alison LaBonte, Jeff Rieks

Sandia National Laboratories

Mooring Anchors for Offshore Wind Turbines

Robert Stevens

Fugro-McClelland Marine Geosciences, Inc.

Model Validation Using Experimental Measurements from the Garfield Thomas Water Tunnel at the Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) at Penn State University

Budi Gunawan, Carlos Michelen, Vincent Neary, Ryan Coe, Erick Johnson, Arnold Fontaine, Richard Meyer, William Straka, Michael Jonson

Sandia National Laboratories

Cactus Open Source Code for Hydrokinetic Turbine Design and Analysis: Model Performance Evaluation and Public Dissemination as Open Source Design Tool

Carlos Michelen, Vincent Neary, Jonathan Murray, Mathew Barone

Sandia National Laboratories

Simulation of Hydrokinetic Turbines in Turbulent Flow using Vortex Particle Method

Danny Sale, Alberto Aliseda, Ye Li

University of Washington, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Numerical Investigation of Effects of Hydrokinetic Turbine Deployment on Water Operations in an Irrigation Canal in Yakima, WA

Budi Gunawan, Vincent Neary, Ann Dallman, Sam McWilliams, Jesse Roberts, Craig Jones

Sandia National Laboratories

Development of a Driving Electric Motor-Generator Dynamometer Rotor Emulator for MHK In stream Turbines

William Laing, James VanZwieten

Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center

Design of Reference Ocean Current Turbine Numerical Model for Array and Performance Optimization

Gabriel Alsenas, James VanZwieten, Jr.

Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center

A Framework for Optimizing the Placement of Current Energy Converters

Jesse Roberts, Kurt Nelson, Craig Jones

Sandia National Laboratories

Global Ocean Current Energy Assessment: Hycom Evaluation

James VanZwieten

Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center, Florida Atlantic University

Stability and Loads Validation of an Ocean current turbine

Henry Swales

Hydrodynamicist at Aquantis Inc.

Experimental and Numerical Analysis of a Scale Model Horizontal Axis Hydrokinetic Turbine

Teymour Javaherchi, Nickolas Stelzenmuller, Joseph Seydel, Alberto Aliseda

National Northwest Marine Renewable Energy Center (NNMREC) – University of Washington

Spatio-Temporal Resolution of Different Flow Measurement Techniques for Marine Renewable Energy Applications

Vincent Lyon, Martin Wosnik

Center for Ocean Renewable Energy, University of New Hampshire

Modeling and Control of a Slack Moored Tidal Turbine Array

Brian Fabien

University of Washington

Marine Micropile Anchor Systems for Marine Renewable Energy Applications

Robert Taylor, Dallas Meggitt, Jon Machin, Eric Jackson

Sound & Sea Technology, Inc

Performance of Bi-Directional Blades for Tidal Current Turbines

Ivaylo Nedyalkov

University of New Hampshire

Control of a Helical Cross-Flow Current Turbine

Brian Polagye, Robert Cavagnaro

Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center, University of Washington

Lagrangian Blade-Strike Modeling for Marine Hydrokinetic Turbines

Marshall Richmond

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Identification of Hydrodynamic Parameters of Tidal Turbines Based on Ensemble Kalman Filtering

Jianxun Wang, Heng Xiao

Virginia Tech

Environmental Monitoring

Tagged Species Detection: Approach to Monitoring Marine Species at Marine Hydrokinetic Projects.

Chris Tomichek

Kleinschmidt Associates

Remote Monitoring of Avian and Bat Interactions with Offshore Wind Energy Facilities

Jeremy Flowers, Roberto Albertani, Brian Polagye, Robert Suryan, Trevor Harrison

Oregon State University

Comparing Acoustic Technologies for Biological Monitoring at Marine Renewable Energy Sites

John Horne, Dale Jacques

University of Washington, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences

Scour Monitoring in an Energetic Open Ocean Environment

Lindsay Dubbs, Billy Edge, Kevin Gamiel, Mike Muglia

UNC Coastal Studies Institute (UNC CSI) and UNC Chapel Hill

Scaling of Spatial and Temporal Biological Variability at Marine Renewable Energy Sites

Dale Jacques, John Horne

University of Washington

Annex IV Investigating Environmental Effects of Wave and Tidal Devices through International Cooperation

Andrea Copping, Luke Hanna, Hoyt Battey, Jocelyn Brown-Saracino

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Development of an Adaptable Monitoring Package for Marine Renewable Energy Projects: Part I Function, Design, and Stability

Ben Rush, James Joslin, Andrew Stewart, Brian Polagye

Applied Physics Lab, University of Washington

Development of an Adaptable Monitoring Package for Marine Renewable Energy Projects: Part II Hydrodynamic Performance

James Joslin, Brian Polagye, Andrew Stewart, Ben Rush

Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center, University of Washington


If you have any additional questions, please contact Samantha Rooney at samantha.rooney@nrel.gov

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