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Insurance Division Ensures Options, Protects Consumers


(Juneau, AK) – Recent changes in the nation’s healthcare insurance marketplace are a cause of concern for many businesses and individuals looking to secure coverage for themselves and their employees.

With its mission to regulate the insurance industry and to protect consumers, the Alaska Division of Insurance has reached out to all health insurance carriers offering coverage in the state to evaluate options for consumers and businesses impacted by recent policy cancellations.

“The goal of the Alaska Division of Insurance is to make sure all Alaskan consumers and businesses have choices available for healthcare coverage,” said Director Bret Kolb. “We are working with insurers to make sure they are able to meet marketplace demands and ensuring division staff is available and responsive to the needs of consumers and industry.”

For updated information about the healthcare marketplace, please visit http://www.commerce.alaska.gov/ins/Insurance/ACA/. Insurers should check for recent relevant bulletins issued by the division at: http://www.commerce.alaska.gov/ins/Insurance/bulletins.html.

Consumers with questions or who wish to be directed to a licensed agent should phone 907-269-7900 or 1-800-467-8725.

The Division of Insurance along with the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, the Regulatory Commission of Alaska, the Division of Banking and Securities, and the Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing are DCCED agencies tasked with protecting consumers in Alaska. For additional information about DCCED, please visit www.commerce.alaska.gov.

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