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House Judiciary Chair Rep. Wes Keller applauds Governor's rejection of Medicaid expansion


Monday, November 18, 2013, Wasilla, Alaska – This morning Representative Wes Keller, who serves on the Alaska Health Care Commission, commended Governor Parnell's decision not to expand Medicaid enrollment eligibility, releasing the following statement.

"We are now witnessing Obamacare's unaffordable entitlement expansion blowing up on the launch pad. It is common sense to not expand a program that clearly has a long term cost and increases entitlements under terms controlled by the federal government. Instead, we must transform healthcare delivery in a way that is sustainable, encourages growth and opportunity, and provides evidence-based results."

Keller pointed out that Alaska is with other states that have rejected Medicaid expansion for similar reasons, stating, "Long-term solutions to the provision of healthcare for our citizens must be state-based in terms of quality and affordability."

When asked about options, Keller pointed out the need for market forces. "One way would be to mandate an 'all payer claims database' that would immediately enable value shopping. To do this, we admittedly need the buy-in and assistance from Alaska providers thinking long term. Another solution would be for the State to provide an HSA option for state provided insurance plans. Market forces in either case would have the positive results of increasing quality by; 1) incentivizing spending on care that has demonstrated evidence based results, and 2) incentivizing efficient provider services competing to be chosen."

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