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GVEA outage update 5 p.m. Nov. 14


We estimate that 3000 to 5000 members remain without power. More subdivisions should be coming on line as we energize distribution lines.

All our substations are functional except Gold Hill, which serves the Sheep Creek/Murphy Dome area.

We have 69 outage phone lines and they’ve been jammed today. The best place to go for up-to-the-minute information is facebook.com/GoldenValleyElectric. You can also send an e-mail to info@gvea.com. Our homepage also features outage updates: GVEA.com.

We recommend that members be prepared for an outage of up to three days. Information on assembling an outage kit is available at GVEA.com/outages.

Members are cautioned to stay away from trees that have fallen into power lines. If you see a tree in a line, call GVEA or send an e-mail to info@gvea.com.

Members are encouraged to check the condition of their service drops. That’s the thick wire that connects your house to the power pole. Members are responsible for maintaining their own service drops. If there’s a tree in your service drop call a professional tree service to have it removed. Under no circumstances should you attempt to remove the tree yourself.

Golden Valley Electric Association

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