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Enroll Alaska is Enrolling Non-Subsidy Eligible Individuals


ANCHORAGE, AK- November 11, 2013- Enroll Alaska, a division of Northrim Benefits Group, is actively enrolling Alaskans in off-marketplace (not using healthcare.gov) unsubsidized insurance policies. Thousands of Alaskans have received insurance cancellation notices because their current policies aren’t in compliance with the Affordable Care Act. Alaskans that do not qualify for federal tax subsidies, due to having a household income over 400% of the federal poverty level or access to other coverage, can enroll in a health insurance policy immediately and avoid the tax penalty.  

Starting in 2014, the Affordable Care Act mandates that most individuals have health insurance, whether through an employer policy, purchased through the Federally Facilitated Marketplace (healthcare.gov) or purchased outside of the marketplace.  Failure to have “minimum” coverage may result in a tax penalty. Individuals with household incomes between 100-400% of Federal Poverty Level may be eligible for a federal tax subsidy and will need to purchase insurance on the marketplace (healthcare.gov) in order to apply that subsidy to the cost of insurance.  Alaskans that have a household income greater than 400% do not have to wait for healthcare.gov to function to get enrolled into an insurance policy that will take effect Jan 1st.  Enroll Alaska will help all Alaskans select health insurance plans that are right for them and their families regardless if they qualify for subsidies or not.

Enroll Alaska is the go-to resource for questions regarding the ACA. Information can be found at www.enrollingalaska.com or by calling, 1-855-385-5550.

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Source: northrimbenefits.com

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