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Ahtna Declares 2013 Shareholder and Elder Dividend


Anchorage, Alaska – On November 22, 2013, the Ahtna, Incorporated board of directors formally declared a shareholder dividend for 2013 of $5.30 per share, or $530 per 100 shares. In addition, Ahtna shareholders age 62 and older will be issued an Elder dividend of $300 for 2013. Ahtna, Inc. has issued an Elder dividend since 2009.

Both dividends are expected to be mailed to shareholders via direct deposit by December 13 or via check by December 16.

“This time of year, it’s cold and fuel costs are very high, especially in our region,” said Nicholas Jackson, Ahtna, Inc. Chairman of the Board. “Our shareholders definitely need the dividend, so I’m glad that the board approved it. It will make many families very happy.”

“The timing of Ahtna’s dividend traditionally comes during a time of the year when our shareholder families need it the most,” added Michelle Anderson, President of Ahtna, Inc. “I’m pleased the Board is able to declare a dividend this year. I’m very grateful to our staff, across the companies, who work hard for our shareholders throughout the year so the Board is able to give back to our owners.”

Ahtna, Incorporated is one of 13 Alaska Native Regional Corporations formed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971, and is based out of Glennallen, Alaska. The company currently has nearly 1,800 shareholders, the majority of whom are of Ahtna Athabascan descent, and employs more than 1,500 workers worldwide. A premiere Alaskan-owned business, Ahtna, Incorporated is guided by its vision statement: “Our Culture Unites Us; Our Land Sustains Us; Our People are Prosperous.”

Ahtna Netiye’, Incorporated is the business holding company for Ahtna, Incorporated. Netiye’ is an Ahtna Athabascan word that means “our strength.” Ahtna Netiye’ manages and oversees the business operations of Ahtna’s subsidiaries, providing strategic direction and corporate structure stability aimed at long-term growth and success.

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