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This Week at EIA - 11/08/2012


Summary and links for every U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) product released this week.

(11/01/2012 - 11/08/2012)


Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update (11/5/2012)
Presents average weekly retail on-highway diesel fuel prices for the U.S., 8 regions, and the State of California and average weekly retail gasoline prices at the national and regional levels, and for selected cities and States.

The Coal News and Markets Report for week ended 11/2/2012 (11/5/2012)
Contains information for the week and spot prices:

This Week in Petroleum (11/7/2012)
Provides analysis, data, and charts of the latest weekly petroleum supply and price data.

Weekly Petroleum Status Report, Data for Week Ending 11/2/2012 (11/7/2012)
Contains timely information on supply and selected prices of crude oil and principal petroleum products in the context of historical data and forecasts.

Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report (11/8/2012)
Contains weekly estimates of natural gas in underground storage for the United States and three regions of the United States.

Natural Gas Weekly Update (11/8/2012)
Contains weekly updates of natural gas market prices, latest storage level estimates, recent lower 48 NOAA weather data, and other market activity or events.

Coal Production for Week Ended 11/3/2012 (11/8/2012)
Contains an overview of U.S. weekly coal production.


Annual Coal Report (11/08/2012)
Provides information about U.S. coal production, number of mines, prices, productivity, employment, productive capacity, and recoverable reserves to a wide audience, including Congress, Federal and State agencies, the coal industry, and the general public. U.S. coal production, employment, and productivity are based on the U.S. Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration’s Form 7000-2, “Quarterly Mine Employment and Coal Production Report.” Prices, recoverable reserves, and productive capacity are based on EIA’s annual survey, Form EIA-7A, “Coal Production and Preparation Report.” Coal production in 2011 increased slightly from 2010, driven by export demand, to roughly 1.1 billion short tons. All data for 2011 and prior years are final.

Non-OPEC oil supply outages remain above year-ago level (11/08/2012)
The volume of unplanned oil production disruptions among countries not in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is one of several key measurements of global oil supply security. Unplanned non-OPEC oil supply outages during the first 10 months of this year were almost twice the amount experienced in the last three months of 2011.

Annual Coal Distribution Report 2011 (11/07/2012)
Detailed information on U.S. domestic coal distribution for 2011 excluding waste coal and imports by coal origin State, destination State, mode of transportation, and coal consuming sector. Also, the report provides a summary of foreign coal distribution by coal-exporting State. All data for 2011 are final and this report supersedes the data published in all quarterly reports during 2011.

Potential of gas hydrates is great, but practical development is far of (11/07/2012)
Methane hydrates are cage-like lattices of water molecules containing methane, the chief constituent of natural gas. They may be one of the world's largest reservoirs of carbon-based fuel. However, with abundant availability of natural gas from conventional and shale resources, there is no economic incentive to develop gas hydrate resources, and no commercial-scale technologies to exploit them have been demonstrated.

Short-Term Energy Outlook - Market Prices and Uncertainty Report (11/06/2012)
Crude oil prices reached their highest levels since May by the middle of September, but then declined and were lower at the end of the month than at the beginning. The Brent and WTI crude oil futures prices settled at $112.58 and $91.71 per barrel, respectively, on October 4, down $1.60 and $3.59 per barrel, respectively, from September 4.

Short-Term Energy Outlook (11/06/2012)
EIA projects average household expenditures for heating oil and natural gas will increase by 19 percent and 15 percent, respectively, this winter (October 1 through March 31) compared with last winter. Projected household expenditures are 5 percent higher for electricity and 13 percent higher for propane this winter. Average expenditures for households that heat with heating oil are forecast to be higher than any previous winter on record.

Illinois coal production pushes Illinois Basin production above five-year range (11/06/2012)
Coal production in the Illinois Basin during the first half of 2012 (64.4 million short tons) was 13% higher than the same period in 2011. This expansion of production, which occurred despite declines in total U.S. coal production and consumption, was a response to both domestic and international demand for cheaper coal.

EIA initiates daily gasoline availability survey for metropolitan New York (11/05/2012)
As of Sunday, Nov. 4, based on EIA's emergency survey of gasoline availability, EIA estimates that 27% of gasoline stations in the New York metropolitan area did not have gasoline available for sale. This is a sharp decrease from the estimated 67% on Friday. This number includes stations that reported no gasoline available and those EIA could not reach after numerous attempts, and consequently assume that the stations were closed.

Natural Gas Monthly (11/02/2012)
The October Natural Gas Monthly, featuring data for August 2012, has been released. Spurred by continued high demand for electric generation, August natural gas consumption was the highest for August on record at 1,982 billion cubic feet, 4.5 percent higher than the previous high reached in 2007. Dry production for August declined slightly, decreasing from a revised July daily production of 65.6 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/day) to 65.3 Bcf/day in August.

Monthly Natural Gas Gross Production Report (11/02/2012)
Monthly natural gas gross withdrawals estimated from data collected on Form EIA-914 (Monthly Natural Gas Production Report) for Federal Offshore Gulf of Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming, Other States and Lower 48 States. Alaska data are from the State of Alaska and included to obtain a U.S. Total.

Extended outages at several nuclear plants led to high outage levels in 2012 (11/02/2012)
Outages at U.S. nuclear power plants in 2012 are generally higher than in recent years because of extended forced outages at four nuclear plants and recent outages because of safety concerns from Hurricane Sandy. U.S. nuclear reactor operators typically schedule refueling and maintenance outages during the spring and fall to help ensure that reactors are available to meet higher electric demand levels in the summer and winter.

Smart meter deployments continue to rise (11/01/2012)
Electric meters with enhanced communication capabilities—an essential component of the smart grid—are becoming more prevalent. In 2011, more than 23% of all U.S. electrical customers had smart meters. These meters support demand response and distributed generation, can improve reliability, and also provide information that consumers can use to save money by managing their use of electricity.

Petroleum Marketing Monthly (11/01/2012)
In this edition of the Petroleum Marketing Monthly, crude oil and finished petroleum products sales data show a considerable increase in prices during August 2012. Prime Supplier sales data show consumption of gasoline and diesel fuel rose in August after experiencing a decline in July.

Electricity Wholesale Market Data (11/01/2012)
Spreadsheets contain peak prices, volumes, and the number of transactions at ten electricity trading hubs covering most regions of the United States. Data from ICE (IntercontinentalExchange) through October 26, 2012.



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