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Pebble Fund Awards $730,519 to Charitable Organizations in Bristol Bay Region


Nineteen charitable organizations, schools, churches and tribes serving Southwest Alaska were awarded grants totaling $730,519 from the Pebble Fund, a charitable fund established by the Pebble Partnership at The Alaska Community Foundation (ACF).

This competitive program supports a variety of grant-funded projects including programs to encourage Bristol Bay youth to engage in new athletic pursuits and learn important life skills, provide important resources to local businesses, improve the energy efficiency of buildings, and replacing unsafe cribs with safe ones in local childcare programs. The Pebble Fund Advisory Board considered grant applications that further the fund’s mission to promote and enhance sustainable and healthy communities and renewable resources in the region. The Pebble Fund has supported a variety of important projects in the Bristol Bay Region. A complete list of the awards funded in the fall 2012 Pebble Fund grant cycle is below and also available at www.alaskacf.org.

About the Pebble Fund
Since its inception, the Pebble Fund has awarded $4.75 million in grant funds and has helped leverage more than $13.5 million in matching and in-kind support. The Pebble Fund at ACF is part of a five year, $5 million commitment by The Pebble Partnership to support sustainable development projects in Southwest Alaska.

About The Alaska Community Foundation
Established in 1995, The Alaska Community Foundation is a statewide platform for philanthropy. The Alaska Community Foundation currently holds over $55 million for the benefit of Alaskans, granting approximately $5 million each year to charitable projects and nonprofit organizations across the state. The Alaska Community Foundation is comprised of more than 280 funds and endowments, including five Affiliate community funds, the Alaska Children’s Trust, and many others. The ACF mission is to grow philanthropy and connect people who care with causes that matter. The Alaska Community Foundation helps individuals, organizations and communities create funds that – like the Alaska Permanent Fund – provide financial resources to improve the quality of life in Alaska now and forever.

Pebble Fund Grant Awards October 2012

Naknek Native Village Council: Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Rural Alaska Program
Amount Awarded: $23,850

The Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Rural Alaska program will bring the martial art Brazilian jiu-jitsu to communities in the Bristol Bay Region. Jiu-jitsu provides a healthy physical activity for children and adults and emphasizes discipline and self defense.Tournaments similar to those associated with the popular village sport of basketball will be held both in Bristol Bay communities and larger Alaskan cities. The goal of the program is to promote physical and mental wellness in Southwest Alaska.

Girl Scouts of Alaska: Girl Scouts 2013 Summer Day Camp & Women of Science
Amount Awarded: $28,842

The Girl Scouts Summer Day Camp will be held in multiple Bristol Bay communites from June 2013 - August 2013 and is open to girls ages 5-17. The camp will blend traditional Yup’ik values with Girl Scout tenents, such as courage, teamwork, self-respect, and responsibility. At the end of the summer, this grant will allow for 32 Girl Scouts to attend Women of Science Day at the University of Alaska Dilliingham campus where they will participate in career workshops and other science-related activities.

Manokotak Moravian Church: Church Van
Amount Awarded: $18,000

Manokotak Moravian Church will purchase a 2006 Ford Econoline XL with this grant to replace the current van that has been in use since early 2000 and now requires constant mechanical checkups and repairs. Purchasing a new van will reduce the monthly mechanical and gas costs for the church as the new vehicle will be more fuel efficient and require fewer repairs.

City of Nondalton: Nondalton Bulk Fuel Storage
Amount Awarded: $200,000

The number one priority of the City of Nondalton is to secure, design, and construct a bulk fuel facility to provide an adequate fuel supply for the public facilities, businesses, and residents of Nondalton year round. This grant will help fund a fuel storage facility with four 10,000 gallon tanks and all required safety equipment. The new facility will enable Nondalton to maintain a one-year supply of fuel by receiving bulk deliveries by barge in the spring and fall to ensure the city’s fuel needs are met during the long winter months.

Safe Sleeping for Alaska's Babies Campaign
Amount Awarded: $3,500

Due to a change in federal crib safety standards, licensed childcare providers across the United States are required to replace unsafe cribs that pose a safety threat infants by the end of 2012. thread, a statewide nonprofit, is raising funds to purchase new cribs that meet federal standards and distributing them throughout Alaska. This grant supports the purchase of six cribs for all of the licensed child care providers in Dillingham as well as safe-sleep training for childcare providers in the area.

Bristol Bay Borough: Teen Leadership Program
Amount Awarded: $10,000

This project will fund the hiring of Bristol Bay youth as lifeguards at the Bristol Bay Borough Pool and as gym monitors at the Bristol Bay Borough School. This program will foster the development of leadership qualities in those hired and provide an opportunity for them to serve as role models to their peers. The long term goal of the program is to support and encourage responsible behavior and leadership in Bristol Bay youth.

City of Pilot Point: Pilot Point VPSO Office Building Renovations Project
Amount Awarded: $47,000

The City of Pilot Point plans to install sewer and water lines to the village public safety officer (VPSO) office building. The VPSO office building, which has two holding cells and a law enforcement personnel office, is currently without plumbing. By providing sewer and water service to the VPSO office building, prisoners will not have to breach security to go to the main City office to use the bathroom. The addition of a shower will also allow the visiting State Troopers a place to stay with necessary amenities.

Togiak Public Library & Cultural Center: Togiak Native Arts and Artifacts
Amount Awarded: $5,000

Togiak Public Library and Cultural Center was founded to provide educational and cultural resources to residents and will display many native artists from the community. This grant will allow for the purchase of selected artwork from community artists celebrating the native culture and people of the area. The long-term goal of the project is to renew interest in local art and culture by community elders, artists, as well as students.

UA Center for Economic Development: AKSourceLink Southwest Alaska Business Resource Connect
Amount Awarded: $15,000

The AKSourceLink project is an online business referral center that connects new and emerging business owners with training and technical assistance. This grant will fund the creation of the Southwest Alaska Business Resource Connect (SABR) program, a subset of AKSoureLink, designed to benefit the economy of Southwest Alaska. The SABR project will capitalize on the new expansion of broadband by conducting outreach to build awareness for the AKSourceLink center, as well as creating a custom webinar designed to help entrepreneurs build their business through the internet.

Levelock Village Council: UTV Purchase
Amount Awarded: $18,000

Three times a week, waste is collected in Levelock and transported by the Village Council’s UTV. The current UTV is 7 years old, and this grant will allow for the purchase of a new vehicle, saving the community money in repairs. The goal of the project is to keep Levelock clean and discourage scavenging by bears and other animals. The Levelock Village Council Environmental Program will maintain the vehicle.

Lake and Peninsula School District: The Southwest Alaska Regional Riflery|Marksmanship Program
Amount Awarded: $47,704

The Lake and Peninsula School District and the Bristol Bay Borough School District will collaborate to implement a co-curricular riflery program to provide the region with a positive year-round extracurricular activity. The Pebble Fund grant will allow for the purchase of all equipment necessary for the program including air guns, gun safes, and training for instructors. The program hopes to increase male participation in school programs and provide gun safety and training to all students. Riflery also has the potential to be a pathway to college for students that wish to compete as NCAA athletes.

City of Egegik: Airport Runway Lighting Wiring Replacement
Amount Awarded: $25,000

This grant will support the replacement of approximately 20,000 feet of underground wire and transformers for 130 runway lights. The current wire insulation is degraded to the point that it is causing the voltage regulator to work harder and if not replaced will ultimately result in the failure of the voltage regulator and an additional $20,000 expense. The runway lights are a vital safety component of airport operations, thus the project will benefit everyone flying in and out of Egegik.

UAF Bristol Bay Campus: LEED for Bristol Bay Campus Applied Sciences Center
Amount Awarded: $24,000

The Bristol Bay Campus Applied Sciences Center will be the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified building in the Bristol Bay region, thanks in part to the Pebble Fund. LEED certification is part of a greater renovation of the Applied Sciences Center that will result in an increase in teaching space. The building purchase was supported by a previous Pebble Fund award. LEED certification of the Applied Sciences Center will reduce energy usage and will help promote sustainable development of the region.

Igiugig Tribal Village Council: Emergency Response Vehicle Building
Amount Awarded: $63,806

Emergency response in Igiugig will benefit from the construction of a heated emergency response vehicle building that can withstand the weather in Southwestern Alaska. Some equipment, such as the Brushfire Truck, requires storage in temperatures above freezing to prevent the water tank from freezing. The heated building will allow emergency vehicles to be ready to respond at all times during the year. This project is crucial to Village safety.

City of Aleknagik: Senior Citizens Transportation/Update Comprehensive Plan
Amount Awarded: $25,000

The Senior Citizens Transportation Program will provide safe transport to Dillingham for the community’s seniors and those with disabilities. This grant also supports an update to the existing Aleknagik Comprehensive Plan and will benefit community members while also addressing regional plans and statewide requirements.

Dillingham City Schools: Equal Access to Technology Amount Awarded: $125,463
Dillingham City Schools (DCS) was awarded a grant to purchase 33 SmartBoards which will equip each classroom in the district with interactive technology. This project will further the DCS mission by encouraging students to higher levels of productivity and creativity in a multimedia rich world. This grant benefits 490 students, countless community members, and local branch university classes, as well as other school districts that use DCS as a training ground for their teaching staff.

Togiak Public Library & Cultural Center: Library Computer Upgrade, 2012
Amount Awarded: $ 10,000

Togiak Public Library has provided the only free internet access to community members since 2006. There is high demand and people often have to wait to get access to a computer. This grant funds the purchase of new computers and technical assistance to upgrade the library’s internet capacity. This will enhance the library’s ability to serve its patrons who rely on the computers to do a range of activities like booking plane tickets, applying for jobs, searching for scholarships and registering for the PFD.

City of Newhalen: Rehabilitating To Be Cozy!
Amount Awarded: $ 5,354

This grant funds the replacement of flooring material at the Newhalen Teen Center, a gathering place for the community and for kids.

Newhalen Tribal Council: Newhalen Tribal Council Building Design Project
Amount Awarded: $ 35,000

Newhalen Tribal Council currently has limited space available to provide basic community services, and there is currently no separate office space for the Village Public Safety Officer program. This grant will fund the design phase of a new Newhalen Tribal Council multi-purpose building that will meet this community need.


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