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Last College Admissions Training Of This Season!!! College Admissions Workshop - Saturday, November 10th


How can you capture the attention of college admissions officers if you are using the same resources as everyone else at your high school? At Dechman & Gottstein, we will teach students unique ways to beat your competition. We teach students how to package themselves to catch the attention of competitive college admissions and scholarship committees.

We show students how to locate opportunities for internships, special projects and other extra-curricular activities, which are essential to strengthening a college application. Through our detailed tour of the college admissions process, we will highlight a variety of approaches for gaining admissions, as well as non-traditional ways to obtain a college degree. While we examine the critical elements of a college application (essays, recommendation letters, transcripts, etc.), we strive to support the efforts of local high school counselors.

Even if you are a 'star' at your school, your competition is the thousands of other star students applying from around the country! Our valuable, information-packed Saturday workshop is designed for students who want to gain an edge over those other applicants. To beat the competition, you need to know how to make your application stand out and outshine the rest.

WHEN: Saturday, November 10th from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

WHERE: King Career Center, Anchorage

WHY: Because where you go to college can change your life

WHO: For HS Juniors and Seniors

COST: $150

TO REGISTER, please visit www.dgcollegesuccess.com or call 907-227-6717

NOTE: If you are a previous workshop participant, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about college admissions.

Dechman & Gottstein College Success is a proud member of the Anchorage School District School Business Partnership Program.

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