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2012 National Election Results: Status Quo Control of Presidency, Senate and House


President Barack Obama won a clear and convincing re-election Tuesday, despite what many polls showed as a tight race going into Election Day.  The President carried every swing state except North Carolina, defeating Governor Mitt Romney by a wide margin in the Electoral College as well as the nationwide popular vote.

Senate Democrats also enjoyed a big night, not only retaining, but also expanding their control of the Senate after winning several closely contested races.  Assuming that both Senate Independents (Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont and Senator-elect Angus King from Maine) caucus with the Democrats, the Democrats will have increased their majority from 53 to 55 seats. 

Republicans comfortably retained the Majority in the House of Representatives.  Although some races are still too close to call, it appears that Republicans will hold at least 234 seats compared to the Democrats’ approximately 193 seats.  After all outstanding races are decided, Democrats will likely gain an additional 5 to 8 seats in the House, but fell short of the 25 seats needed to control the House Majority.  

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