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While Lawmakers Talk Shale Oil, Producers Ask for Tax Relief


November 03, 2011 MAKE ALASKA COMPETITIVE COALITION While Lawmakers Talk Shale Oil, Producers Ask for Tax Relief

A House Resources Committee hearing held Nov. 1 in Anchorage to discuss "impediments to filling the trans-Alaska pipeline" covered an interesting range of topics but did not address the no. 1 impediment to filling the pipeline: Alaska's current North Slope tax structure.

Instead, Tuesday's hearing focused primarily on shale oil development, a new concept for the North Slope. Alaska has shale deposits that are larger than those in any other part of the U.S. (including North Dakota's lucrative Bakken shale formation), although how productive they will be remains to be seen.

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Average Daily ThroughputHow Many Days Until the Pipeline is Empty?

The average daily throughput in TAPS is dropping 6 to 7 percent per year and this year the decline may be even greater. Check out the Alaska Support Industry Alliance's new on-line counter now posted on the MACC website. Share this link and watch Alaska's future shrink.

Average Daily ThroughputKTUU Channel 2 South to the Future: North Dakota's Oil Boom

This week, KTUU Channel 2 began airing a special report "South to the Future: North Dakota's Oil Boom." The Nov. 2 segment focused on new technology and the state's low tax rates.

Reporter Steve MacDonald investigates the economics of oil in North Dakota, which has one of the lowest oil tax rates in North America, and compares it to Alaska's current tax structure.

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