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Tundra Comic Strip Offers Dynamic Fundraiser


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Howdy Folks, Snowman Newspaper

Tundra Wet, Wild & Weird Fundraiser Information.

Chad and I both have school-aged children who bring home catalogs full of over-priced items that most people buy out of a sense of guilt or obligation, but not because they actually want anything. These catalog companies traditionally only pay a very small percentage (usually 15 - 20%) to the school, etc. for these sales too. Because of this, we are making the Tundra: Wet Wild & Weird book available to schools, church groups, scout troops, sports teams, and anyone else who is looking for a fundraiser idea.

This book was only available for a few weeks on the Tundra web site, but as of November 1, 2011, it will only be available in stores or through fundraisers. They will not be available through Chad at the Sears Mall, the Christmas shows, or on www.tundracomics.com.

Here's how it works:

- Tundra: Wet, Wild and Weird sells for $10.95 in stores, but we are offering it for $5.00 for fundraiser projects.

- We will send you an information sheet (computer file) that you can print to show to potential buyers.

- Like most fundraisers, you take pre-orders for the books. We recommend selling them for $10.00 each.

- Once your fundraiser ends, simply call or e-mail us with the total number of books you need and we will ship them to you in a Priority Mail Flat-Rate box. Each large Flat Rate box holds approximately 60 books and costs $14.95 to send anywhere in the United States. We will use whatever size is most cost-effective.

- You pay us $5.00 for each book plus shipping, and you keep the rest for your fund raiser.

- Please allow two weeks for delivery from the time you place your order.

Here are more details and conditions.

All books will be shipped to one address only. Distribution to individuals will be the fundraisers' responsibility.

The books will not be individually signed either. However, Chad will sign them for individuals for free at the Sears Mall (Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve), Christmas shows, weekend markets, etc.

All orders must be pre-paid by check, money order, visa or MasterCard. We can accept payments through PayPal as well.

Tundra: Wet, Wild and Weird is a full-color book with over 150 of Tundra's funniest hunting & fishing-themed comic strips. The book is 9" X 6" and has 96 pages; about half the size of our normal self-published books, but it's also half the price.

This whole concept is new for us so we are open to suggestions; but be gentle. We cry easily.

Contact Bill Kellogg for questions or more information at bill@tundracomics.com, or 907-441-6882.

Thank you,


Wet, Wild & Wierd


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